Find Your 4-H Wings



Find Your 4-H Wings is an exciting campaign made possible by the generous support of TransCanada that will allow 4-H’ers to get active outdoors and learn about their winged friends!

Last year, more than 2,500 4-H members from across Canada learned about birds and bird habitats thanks to Find Your 4-H Wings.



This year, the focus will be on bats, why they’re important, their particular habitats and bat conservation. To support hands-on learning, 4-H clubs who register for Find Your 4-H Wings this year will receive a Bat House Kit from 4-H Canada that includes:

  • A bat house and details about how and where to mount it.

  • Information about bats and bat species in Canada.

  • Leader resources and club activities.

Leaders can use the resources provided to tailor activities based on the interests of their club and commit a flexible amount of time to complete the activities they want to pursue, across all seasons, and can retain materials for future use.

Find Your 4-H Wings is a program that gives 4-H members the opportunity to:

  • Get actively engaged in the outdoors, make healthy choices, and contribute to their community.

  • Learn about the importance of Canadian birds and bats native to their region and ecosystem.

  • Be active stewards of the environment and participate in hands-on activities, including building a bird or bat house.

  • Participate in group activities that explore issues related to biodiversity, endangered species and the importance of sustaining habitats.

  • Share their knowledge with others and build community awareness about all things birds and bats!

Through the Find Your 4-H Wings campaign, TransCanada has made a significant commitment to support 4-H in Canada nationally, through Provincial associations and at the local club level. 4-H Canada is pleased to have a committed partner in TransCanada that believes in the positive development of youth and to education encouraging youth to be good stewards of their environment.

If you would still like to participate in some birdwatching activities check out our activity book from year 1!

For more information or to see how your club can participate, please contact