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Published in Winter and Summer, L’avantage 4-H Advantage provides coverage of national programs and 4-H activities across Canada. For more news and events, click here.

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4-H Canada Risk Webinars Fall/Winter 2012

About the webinars.

Available trainings:


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Supply Service Catalogue and Flyers

The Canadian 4-H Council has been offering 4-H products through the National Supply Service for more than 50 years.

To view the catalogue online, click here. To request a printed catalogue, please contact
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Brochures & Historical Information

  • The Canadian 4-H Council offers a National Programs brochure as well as a Sponsorship Guide.
  • Check out the Canadian 4-H Foundation brochure, which details the many ways you can make a difference for future generations in 4-H.
  • Read about the roots of 4-H in the History of 4-H in Canada, which comes complete with the dates the program started in each province.

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Provincial Resources

At the Canadian 4-H Council Resource Network, an initiative of the Canadian 4-H Council, you'll find resources on everything from leading people to handling livestock and everything in between.

Alberta 4-H is proud to introduce the new communications resource, "From Paper to Podium," which is an interactive, online, and CD learning tool, designed to give members all of the information and helpful tips necessary to be successful in their 4-H communication experience. You can view this resource here.

Simply contact your provincial 4-H office to access the following resource materials.


  • Agriculture Awareness (ON)
  • All Manner of Meat (ON)
  • Archery (SK)
  • Art of Photography (ON)
  • Beef (AB)
  • Beef (BC)
  • Beef (MB)
  • Body Works Series (MB)
  • Canine (AB)
  • Cavy (BC)
  • Communications
  • Computer (AB)
  • Crafts (NB)
  • Crafts (ON)
  • Crafts Series (MB)
  • Dairy (BC)
  • Dairy (ON)
  • Digital Photography
  • Digital Video (SK)
  • Dog (BC)
  • Dog (SK)
  • Exploring 4-H (AB)
  • Exploring 4-H: Canada's Aboriginal Peoples
  • Exploring Crafts (PEI)
  • Farm Safety (ON)
  • Farm Safety Program (BC)
  • Fibres and Fabrics Series (MB)
  • Field Crops (SK)
  • Fisheries (NS)
  • Foods
  • Foods Series (MB)
  • Gardening (SK)
  • General Record Book (SK)
  • Goat (BC)
  • Green Thumb (QC)
  • Horse (AB)
  • Horse (BC)
  • Junior Leader (BC)
  • Junior Leader (SK)
  • Leadership (AB)
  • Light Horse (SK)
  • Llama (BC)
  • Leadership Series (MB)
  • Machines (MB)
  • Machines Series (MB)
  • National 4-H Co-operative Curriculum
  • On-Farm Food Safety (BC)
  • Outdoor Living (MB)
  • Pony (NL)
  • Potato (PEI)
  • Poultry (BC)
  • Rabbit (BC)
  • Scrapbooking (NB)
  • Sewing with Fleece (PEI)
  • Sheep (BC)
  • Sheep (ON)
  • Sporting Chance (ON)
  • Supplements - Aboriginal Content (SK)
  • Swine (BC)
  • Swine (ON)
  • Technology Series (MB)
  • To Your Good Health (ON)
  • Veterinary (ON)
  • Woodworking
  • Woodworking (NB)


  • Building Councils (AB)
  • Club Executive Training (SK)
  • 4-H Communications (BC)
  • 4-H Fun Days (SK)
  • 4-H Fun Pack
  • 4-H Meeting Pack (AB)
  • 4-H Parent Handbook (BC)
  • 4-H Quality Equation (MB)
  • 4-H Speak Pack (AB)
  • Equine DVD
  • Innovation Handbook (ON)
  • Judging Toolkit (ON)
  • Leader Resource Guide (SK)
  • Leading the Way Fact Sheets (AB)
  • Line Drawings
  • MOBIL Oil 4-H Leadership Training Program
  • Quickstart (AB)
  • Safe Animal Handling (BC)
  • Starting a 4-H Club (Aboriginal)
  • Media Pack DVD (AB)
  • Scene Stealers Video/DVD
  • Speaking your way to Success video/DVD
  • Livestock Judging Software (California)
  • Volunteer Handbook (ON)
  • Year of the Club (AB)

Coming in 2011

  • Canine
  • Landscaping
  • Online Leader Training
  • Sewing

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